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Sage Design Automation provides design rule consistency and closure between manufacturing process limitations, their respective DRM (design rule manual) representation and their DRC deck implementation.

Sage-DA’s breakthrough iDRM (integrated design rule management) technology integrates an easy-to-use graphical design rule capture with instantaneous checking capability. iDRM enables non-programmers to quickly capture design rules and generate correct-by-construction checks, accelerates the development and availability of design rule checks for new process technologies and ensures their correctness and consistency, delivering higher yield and faster production ramp-up of integrated circuits (ICs) in advanced process technologies.


Sage Design Automation, Inc.
Santa Clara, California, USA

Talk: +1 408 727 6234

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North America sales and Headquarters
Sage Design Automation, Inc.
Santa Clara, California, USA
email:  Sales@sage-da.com
Phone:  +1 408 727 6234


Europe sales
AQ Technology
Email: Europe-sales@sage-da.com
Micke Wersal    +44 1344 624970
Johan Gardelious    +46 733 100 900


Korea sales
Titus Co.  Ltd.
email:  Korea-sales@sage-da.com
Phone:  +82 10 3664 0912


Japan sales
Synkom Co., Ltd.
email:  Japan-sales@sage-da.com
Phone:  +81(3)5778 8551


Taiwan sales
Grand Technology Inc. (GTI)
email:  Taiwan-sales@sage-da.com
Phone:  +886 3 562 2675